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“Hydroenergoconstruction” has been founded in October 1930 for the building of Sevan- Razdan hydro cascade.
On the period between 1931-1961 have been built 6 Hydroelectrostations with the total summery power of 540 MWt.
3 Hydropower Plants of Vorotan cascade have been built since 1961 to 1988 with the total summery power of 404 MWt.
For the building of these cascades have been built 55 km tunnels, 30 km canals and other water – supporting, water – bearing and power constructions. For the building of Arpa – Sevan installed: 4 mines with the total depth of 1,6 km, and 20 km of ready- made tunnel.
High qualification of “Hydroenergoconstruction” CJSC employees allowed them to participate in construction of largest water-development works, such as: Asuan dam in Egypt, Hadit water development in Iraq, Bratsky, Cheboksarsky, HPPS and Zagorsky water storage plant in Russia and other.
On the area of heat power industrial construction between 1960-1970 have been build Yerevan Thermoelectric Plant – power 550 MWt, Razdan Thermoelectric Plant – power 1100 MWt, enlarged Vanadzor Thermoelectric Plant.
During 1970-1979 “Hydroenergoconstruction” has built Armenian Nuclear Plant giving to exploitation with an “excellent” mark.
“Hydroenergoconstruction” has also taken part in water- distributing construction. On 1993 has been given to exploitation Her-Her integrated hydroscheme with water – storage having cubic content of 28 mln. m3. With the construction of power stations have been built objects of infrastructures, tens of kilometers of iron roads, hundreds of kilometers of car roads, a lot of habitable formations with water lines and purifying constructions.
Large industrial companies such as lathe boring factory in Charentsavan, glass- fiber factory in Sevan, strict technical stone factory in Nor- Hajn, rubber – made shoes factory in Shinuayr, ferroconcrete construction factory in Charentsavan, mechanical factory in Yerevan, productive and pervasive bases in Yerevan and Gyumri have been built by “Hydroenergoconstruction”.
Following to the program of liquidating the results of earth – quake in Spitak “Hydroenergoconstruction” has built 31000 m2 of 3-4 floored monolith concrete houses and cottages, a central boiler – house with the power of 100 t. steam per hour, children enterprises and school in zone of earthquake.
The construction of especially difficult and elite objects entrusted to “Hydroenergoconstruction” are; Sport – concert hall with 6400 places in Yerevan (1982), “Zvartnots” airport for 2100 passengers in Yerevan (1980), airport in Sisian (1981), enlarging of the Supreme Soviet’s building (1982), rest – house in Jermuk with 200 places (1982), Alpine scientific – research station on 3200 m Aragats mount (1995).
The high qualification of the staff and the highly developed technical equipment’s have allowed to “Hydroenergoconstruction” to win a range of international tenders like the construction of gold – extracting factory and the dikes of tail – dump in Ararat (the customer Global Gold company) the reconstruction of Artashat main pipeline canal and the reconstruction of Mkhchyan pump station (financed by World bank of reconstruction and development), the repository of radioactive waste in Armenian Nuclear Plant (customer Framatom company).

Currently besides above mentioned tender objects “Hydroenergoconstruction” is executing construction of the 5–th block of Hrazdan Thermoelectric Plant with the power of 300 MWt (financed by the European Bank of reconstruction and development), the cooling systems of responsible consumers of Armenian Nuclear Plant (financed by Bern’s Iroy Enterprises), current works in Yerevan Thermoelectric Plant and a range of objects at the Ministry of Defense RA.

During the last two years many buildings have been built by “Hydroenergoconstruction” due to the loans received from World and European Banks. Those are Vanadzor and Kamo high voltage substations, works directed to the security of the atomic power-station, Tavoush dumb and remodeling of community courts, remodeling of Ashtarak Main canal, remodeling of the main part and wooden cottages of Kanaker Hydro Electro Station, remodeling of the building of the Public Service Commission of RA etc.
Now large scale of work is being implemented in supplying Yerevan with water, in producing reinforced concrete basis for high voltage substations of the Republic, construction and reconstruction of two new court buildings.
“Hydroenergoconstruction” was privatized in 2004 and was renamed to “Hydroenergashin” CJSC. It has strong and modern production basis, different technical means needed for construction, mechanisms technically supplied ferroconcrete and wooden items’ factory and experienced and quality engineers and technical personnel.
In 2005 big volume of jobs were done in building and reconstruction of two new building of houses of court and building of procurator.
And also there were built high dwelling building on Leningradyan st.(total area-3442m2), Davidashen 4 district (total area-5048,4m2), Babadjanyan st.( total area-3442m2), Fuchik 7/5 st. ( total area-7156 m2 ).
At present “Hydroenergashin” CJSC is building new high dwelling buildings on Leningradyan 23/11, on H. Emin N 16 and on Teryan 68/3 streets in Erevan.
The company has preserved its professional quality and has an opportunity to implement general and special constructive works, including hydro technical, water -supply, hydro-electro station, thermo-electro station, atomic power-stations, production etc.